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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 9, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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pause of because of michigan. earlier. but she came out and was probably around 9:30. with a hearty hello cleveland and launched right into her platform and ideas for the country.
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i'm proud of the campaign. that sanders and i are running. we have our differences. which you can see. when we debate. but i'll tell you what, those differences pail in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. >> . every teem you think it can't get any uglier.
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>> . she had strong words. a strong crowd reaction. trying to get the nomination for the presidency. but obviously she talked about how important cleveland is. and ohio. to all of the candidates. and you can see that. she's already planning oncoming back here. on saturday.
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tonight. >> -fpt wait for her to speak. over an hour. >> ohio governor also spending time in northeast ohio. today. drumming up support from his home state. >> with the the republican primary a beak away. the governor hopes he can win enough votes to come out on top. >> . we have details live from the news room. >> . the latest polls show governor caseic trailing trump. here in ohio. but not by much. trump only holds a 4 point lead. the governor says he believes after the final vote is counted. he will win.
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at the same time. to large parts of the world. just give me a chance. >> he touted his achievements on balancing a budget. increasing jobs sp wages. >> a positive message. staying out of the mud slinging and the negative. >> . he told the crowd he knows how to work with people. he talked about the tense times in cleveland. rice cases. >> . protest. and express what you feel. >>
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questions from members of the audience. >> sanders a filing a lawsuit against ohio secretary of state.
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allowed to vote in the primary. tonight the state republican secretary of state is responding. >> sanners cam paeup is accusing him of trying to dis-infranchise voters. houston says nonsense -fpt he's following the law. >> 17 year-olds who turn 18 by election day. in november. are able to vote in some race. but just not in the presidential primary. saying if you're 18 by the november election. you can vote. just not on every issue. that means 17 year-olds can vote in the primary.
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candidates the general election ballot. that i are not permitted to elect candidates which is what voters are doing in a primary. when they elect delegates to represent them at the fair political parties national convention. >> people gather to remember the life of a 4 year-old girl. who was killed in a massive apartment building fire. >> we know what started this fire. i heard earlier it happened on the outside of the building. >> . that's right. we do know that the fire started on the outside. but the official cause of the fire still undetermined. at this point. in fact the fire investigator
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firefighters were just here checking for hot spots. now this community completely shaken. so upset here. after this 4 year-old girl died. and in fact a family telling me that it was just two weeks ago. they celebrated her fourth birthday. >> . candy -lts lit candles lit up a dark parking lot. tuesday night. >> less than 24 hours after an apartment building on beverly hills drive in brunswick caught fire. claiming the life of a 4 year-old girl. >> . we're behind them. >> family members say her she just turned 4 last month. the vigil organizer says her niece went to head start with her:
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>> . 24 families were displaced. just down the street. piles of donations stacked up at the church on pearl road. >> . the community gathering. to help those in involved.
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it's just scary. male victim was shot in the abdomen. flown to metro. the other shooting happening at west boulevard. in madison. not far from the reck center. the victim there another male. in critical condition. at metro hospital. >> . march feeling more like may. how long will it last. standing by with the forecast.
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we'll start with graph. it's a cool graph. because it's way up here. we're talking about the temperature. which settled all the way up to 72 degrees. of course you don't need a graph to tell you that. all you have to do is walk outside. to know it felt like may. not like early march. so any day like this. it's a gift. it is not reality. it's not even close to normal. but the record 79. for the today. we were 8 tkraoets under the record.
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easier to get close to. talk about that. and the po potential for a record setting high temperature tomorrow. in just a bit. these were the highs today. warmest on the map in ohio. 76. and hunting ton south point. right now we're falling gently. back into the 60s. 62 cleveland. 54 akron canton. and that's just nutty crazy for early march. >> changeable skies tomorrow. could hit 70. that plus or minus close enough to the record high. to put that one in jeopardy. we'll talk about the number we need to beat. for cleveland and akron canton.
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>> 70 is fine. i don't mind.
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before fatally shooting him. he's been jailed since november. on unrelated gun charges. authorities say the act was senseless. only to punish the boys father. >> . merely 30 kwhraoers of policing. i have tphaoefr witnessed such such a hateful act. towards an innocent child. who's life barely had a chance to flourish. while no conviction will ever bring him back. we hope this development will bring some level of closure to his family and friends. >> authorities say the boy was targeted because of his father's gang affiliation. >> american tourist is dead. ten others injured following a stabbing attack along a popular
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police say the suspect was later shot and killed. as he tried to run away. the attack was just one in multiple stabbing and shooting attacks. that came as vice president biden arrived in israel. on a two day visit. as part of a regional tour of the mideast. >> . many republicans want our next president to fill the vacancy. >> . evacuated following a bizarre crash here. suv ended up opt on the roof of the giant eagle. nobody hurt. but it did rupture a gas line. building. the driver went off the road and
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8 former employees for the pilot flying j will not face a judge until next year. former if president of the company face one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud. nine count of wire fraud. this is in connection with with a fuel rebait scheme. pilot flying j owned by cleveland browns owner. and tennessee governor. if you are dreaming of a get away. here's a cool new option. announcing it's atding new nonstop flights from akron to florida.
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>> . more reason to take the whole family to the ball game this season. 4 more restaurants are coming to progressive field. >> against the boston red sox ob april 4. >> . fat head one of your favorites. >> . the search for a bike riding robber.
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approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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glad you're with us tonight. a 6 year-old girl is shot inside of her own home. after fire breaks out in her neighborhood. >> lorain police arrested one person in connection with with the gun battle the little girl's grandmother says she is lucky to be alive. >> . we have the story. >> . a gun battle. in the middle of a neighborhood. filled with children. lorain police receiveing multiple the 1 is calls of a fight in progress. in the 19 hundred block of g street. 6 year-old and grandmother were
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just before 7 mondays evening. fight. which was escalating. >> then. they they started shao ting. >> fearing the worst. she told her to go in the house. while he ducked behind a car. and also ran inside. it was too late. the 6 year-old grazed by a stray bullet. that first traveled through the steel front door. then hitting her in the thigh. >> . they were just shooting. they didn't care. >> . luckily the bullet was slow down by the door. enough to where it didn't actually penetrate the 6 year-olds skin. >> . police say two of the suspects vehicles that were involved in the altercation. were located a short distance away from the scene. so far.
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>> i think she's still in shock. >> rices family in the city of cleveland are trying to resolve a federal lawsuit. before going to trial. the 1 year-old was shot by police officers in november of 2014. after he was seen pointing a gun in a park. that gun turned out to be fake. rices family filed a wrongful death lawsuit. against the city. and the police department. according to to court papers rices family representatives from the city asked a judge to preside over a is the -lment process.
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>> . anonymous caller tipped one of the principals tos what was going on. smith resigned her position last week.
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18 year-old and his family have been offered counseling. >> . police are looking for the suspect responsible for an armed robbery. at a tphor ton gas station the the man pointed a gun at the clerk. and threatened to shoot them. he grabs cash. before stealing a customers car. sp speeding off. a two thousand dollar reward is being offered in the case. arrest is made in a hit and run. outside the cleveland clinic. 37 year-old is accuse of driving into his girlfriends father. hitting him. between two vehicles. >> police need your help to suspects. these images were captured inside. >> how safe is your identity. you could be putting kwr urs yourself at risk.
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>> a couple places late in the day. best chance of that happening is far western corner. of our viewing area. so. if you live out towards upper san dusky. will lard a better chance of seeing a shower late in the day. than the rest of us. that will be partly cloudy. night. some mid and high level clouds. with really very little going
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>> very toasty warm. but that powerful jet stream right in there. is responsible for some pretty powerful thunder storms. come out. there we go. let's talk about the severe weather. that's happening in the deep
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>> tomorrow. variablely cloudy. most of the sun southeast. most or the greatest threat for showers will be in the west. even there too. it will be somewhat limited. and the forecast high temperature of 70. much closer to the record. 73. that was from the 1870s. i think. and 71 akron canton. so we're within striking distance. but the probability of pre-sip will rise. and into thursday. you can see we're covered by the time we get into thursday. a brief cool down.
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but that's really still warmer than normal. >> all right coming up. politics getting ugly. >> . the candidate who says he was jumped and beaten by his opponents supporters.
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obtained video of a robbery suspect. that police need your help finding. >> the woman robbed another woman. at gun gunpoint. at a gas station. police say she got there in an unusual way. >> . police are looking for this woman. caught on security video. pushing a bike in the snow. shortly before 7. friday morning. >> .
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she left the bike. in the parking lot. of the bp gas station. and approached a woman who was pumping gas. >> the suspect who had her face covered with a scarf. stood near the sreublgts car. while the woman finished getting gas. >> . when she had gotten done pumping gas. and went to go in her vehicle. our female suspect jumped in the passenger door. >> police say once the suspect was inside the victims car. she pulled a gun. and ordered the woman to give her money. the suspect still refused to get out. and ordered the woman at gunpoint. to drive her to this area. off jefferson avenue. >> when she got here. the suspect got out. and fled. >> . lieutenant said the victim was not from the area. and the suspect gave her directions back to the main road. she went to a nearby mctkopblgds and called police. >> . she was not injured.
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>> the suspect left some evidence behind. her purple bike. in the parking lot at the gas station. >> anybody that recognizes it. it was stolen from their neighborhood or they have seen it. a female riding this bicycle in the area. >> if anyone recognizes the bike or the woman. please call police.
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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resulting in 6 stitches. >> like a raging bull. so. right after it. so she he doesn't believe that his opponent set up the attack. but does say she should step down. shortly after that attack a man filed a police report claiming he instigated the whole thing. the candidate denies that. >> else elsewhere. republican organization taking heat for a tweet directed at an illinois democratic rep. in the post that has since been deleted the national republican senator committee accused congresswoman of quote not standing up for vets. she's a double amputee. lost both legs serving as a
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>> he gained national attention after posting video on you tube of his armed drone. a student is filing a lawsuit. against the university. will for expelling him. >> he hopes to return to the school. to pursue elect treu kal or and continue building drones. as a hobby. >> . a college basketball coach is getting national attention.
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importance of the national anthem. v tech coach made his players stand at attention. with the group of vets and show the students how to pay their respects during the national anthem. the coach says he didn't like how his players had been acting during the anthem. so he brought in the local veterans. and shared the sacrifices they have made. for our freedom.
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supposed to be the best day of your life. instead a newlywed spent his wedding night in the back of a police car. >> . police dash cam video shows a man with the words just married on the rear window. leading officers on a wild pursuit. caught speeding on the highway. before pulling into a restaurant.
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>> >> expect a flurry of moves all over the national football league. >> . browns are likely to release johnny manziel on wednesday. at four o'clock. they will have cap space to take on the 4 million dollar hit. they could delay. just to see if any team offers a
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>> he drove in the third run. drive in the winning rub. and the indians win 4 to 3. clubber pitching wednesday. against the cubs. >> . mac tournament officially hits the q. on wednesday. the women begin the play. at noon. tomorrow. >> this year with a brands new jim to play in. led by former csu player. record the the most wins in school history. 25. they won only 8 games last year. and saw 6 players transfer away. now.
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play offs. for the first time in school history. they play ash land university. later this week. that's a school. that coach sword used to be an assistant.
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in the second game. the patriots. here comes number 3. corner stone. nails the jumper. and they would would beat by a 62. to 57 count. we'll keep tabs tomorrow. >> . appreciate your time here. morning show crew rolls in at 4 a.m.
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